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Viewing the contents of a table

Executing an SQL query

Adding a connection

The purpose of this project is to provide a simple, generic GUI database browsing frontend. The tool is a very simple aggregation of the Qt database classes. The database abstraction is provided by the Qt database drivers. So far, the drivers for PostgreSQL and MySQL have been found to work well.

In principle, there is no reason why ODBC drivers for popular databases such as Oracle, DB2, Informix as well as Firebird and SAP/DB shouldn't work via the Qt ODBC3 abstraction layer. However, some preliminary tests with these have not been promising. It may be that the only way to get some of these working is to create a native Qt database driver. This is something I'll be looking into much later.

At the moment, it is only possible to build the system on Unix and similar systems. Since Trolltech have released a version of Qt for OSX under the GPL and have announced their intention to do likewise for Win32, it should be possible to provide ports for both of these platforms. For the moment though, I just provide the source.

The tool is currently stable and quite usable but not feature complete. The following features have been completed:

The following features will be implemented as a requirement for a 1.0 release:

I do not consider the following features critical so I may never get around to doing them. They are here as an indication of where the tool is (and isn't) heading. You may also consider adding some of these yourself.
I have no plans to create a generic database administration tool. Thus, functionality such as user administration, database backup, schema editting and permissions editting are not planned to form part of this tool. If you want this functionality, you may consider looking at Tora.

Finally, thanks to all of the free software developers out there that make these things possible.

Phil Bradley, April 2005.